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About Us

History of Tubs and Tumblers

Tubs and Tumblers has been a community staple in the city of Wayne for several decades. Birthed in the late 1970s, one of its original owners was Pat Norton, a former mayor of Wayne. Since then, it has changed many hands, each coming with a different customer experience.

Through the years of trend and machine technology transitions…Tubs and Tumblers has served its surrounding community with essential services. Retaining a loyal following is a big part of its success!

New Ownership

As of March 2, 2023, ownership has transferred into new hands. There are many exciting changes coming… both aesthetic and service based.

Tubs and Tumblers’ mission is to provide a clean, convenient and well-lit environment for you to enjoy your customer experience. Our commitment is for laundry NOT to be a chore. We intend to help families like yours, one load at a time!