Commercial Laundry Services

Tubs & Tumblers offers commercial laundry services in Wayne, Michigan!

We have machines with industrial-sized load capacity-large enough to handle your laundering needs.  We have a dedicated staff that specializes in handling the difficult issues of commercial laundry, like deep stains, oils, and more. 

Whether it's hotel laundry like towels, sheets, restaurant linens, Airbnb linens or work uniforms, Tubs and Tumblers can wash, dry and fold it all!

Use our drop-off or pickup/delivery options to serve your needs!  

commercial laundry

We service the following industries:

Assisted Living Facilities
We will take care of any towels, linens or the laundry of individual residences. Give us a call for more info!
Restaurants work hard to present a dining room full of crisp linens, but diners are messy and spills are common. We service fine dining facilities, catering, country clubs and cafes.
We take great pride in our high quality hospitality linen service. We service hotels, resorts and motels.
Many businesses require their employees to wear a uniform. We service the cleaning needs of industries such manufacturing, automotive, security and others.
Gyms, Spas, Salons
If you need help keeping up with your spa, gym or salon laundry, we are here to help.
Tired of laundering bedding, towels and other linen for your Airbnb rental? Schedule a drop-off or pickup/delivery order today!

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Wondering if Tubs and Tumblers could help with your commercial business's laundry?

Give us a call at (734) 729-2230 - we'd be happy to answer any questions and find out what we can do for your business.